Best Granite Cleaners

Which Are The Best Granite Cleaners?
It is common in today’s kitchen to find large amounts of granite countertops. Contrary to most people’s opinion, it is necessary to note that normal household cleaners should not be applied on granite countertops. There hence exist different brands of cleaners for the sole purpose of cleaning such materials as well as other types of stone.
The effects of using regular cleaners include leaving stains and streaks, watermarks and discoloration. Therefore, if you are in the market for an appropriate and effective granite cleaner, some key factors need close attention before initiating any search.
Top Rated Granite Cleaners
1. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner
It consists of a streak of free formula which conducts deep cleaning measures using its efficient and streak-free formula. The substance is safe for granite and various types of stone such as quartz, travertine, marble and loads more. It also has a convenient refill methodology which offers huge amounts of cleaner on a daily basis. There are also hardly any phosphate or ammonia properties in the above product. It is neither toxic nor acidic and is biodegradable.
The balance of the pH level in the formula enables the efficient cleaning of granite surfaces or countertops. In addition, homeowners are saved from the burden of having to worry about discoloration and further damages.
Interestingly, the product also has a sweet and fresh citrus scent. It makes the kitchen smell pleasant after you are through. The brand is well-known for getting rid of soil and other forms of spills. Professionals recommend that one use it instead of regular cleaning detergents so as to avoid incurring additional expenses and charges as well as ruining the quality of your countertop.
2. Supreme Surface Granite And Quartz Cleaner
This all-inclusive granite cleaner outshines and out-maneuvers its competition in a rather esteemed fashion. They are able to transform your countertops into more vibrant and descriptive. Furthermore, the product ensures a smooth and clean surface. An advantageous feature similar to the granite gold is that it also possesses a sweet and fresh scent. Its pH is balanced and no chemicals exist in the product. It bears a close similarity to the granite gold in that it is also a non-toxic and biodegradable element.
The effects of applying the use of this granite cleaner are that there hardly any wax build-up, residue or even discoloration. A bottle of the supreme surface granite covers six thousand and five hundred square feet and is more often used by industry manufacturing and processing personnel.
Using this brand enables the bonds that hold dirt and grease on counters to be demolished so that they may be easily eliminated. Unlike regular cleaners, the supreme surface granite cleaner has a permanent protective barrier which never washes off, and leaves no dull film discolorations.
3. Granite Polish And Cleaner For Day To Day Use
The granite cleaner reviews here is made for the sole purpose of daily use. Therefore, it should be applied constantly on stone surfaces without causing any damages whatsoever. Regular surface cleaners are notable for causing damages, dulling effects, and discoloration. The brand is well-known for ensuring that your countertops emerge as though they are fresh from purchase. It also leaves a certain glow on counters and takes care of messes or spills.
A shocking factor to understand is that even under bright environments, your countertops are more than likely expected to be mirror-like. Further advantages include safe cleaning properties which eliminate dirt, grease and varying degrees of residues.
Choosing the most appropriate granite cleaner is quite effective in matters relating to ensuring the beauty and elegance of any countertop. It is essential to identify only those a cleaner that is meant for the cleaning of granite and other stone surfaces. The critical aspect to observe is that the cleaner should be strong enough to remove dirt and spills but not too extreme to the extents of even damaging the surface.
 The above products were designed only for the cleaning of granite and a host of other stone surfaces. Each was created to offer strong cleaning power without the existence of dangers that continuously characterize the quality of other regular cleaning detergents.